Tarzan Triumphs - French, c.1943

Tarzan Triumphs - French, c.1943 art print

Tarzan Triumphs is the first of the Sol Lesser Tarzan films. It is also the first film where Weissmuller does not have Jane by his side. Maureen O'Sullivan left the series to pursue her career in more "legitimate" films. Jane's absence in the film is explained in a letter which states she is visiting relatives in England. There was no attempt to "kill her off" as they had tried so unsuccessfully previously. Made during wartime, the film contained much anti-Nazi propaganda and emphasized Tarzan as a symbol of freedom and spokesman for democracy and the American way of life while presenting the Nazis as being vicious and sub-human. Tarzan's famous line, "Now Tarzan make war!" was a real crowd pleaser -- a great wartime morale booster.
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Tarzan Triumphs - French, c.1943
Artist: Unknown
Type: Fine-Art Print
Paper Size: 11" x 17"
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