Tarzan's Three Challenges, c.1963

Tarzan's Three Challenges, c.1963 art print

The followup to 1962's "Tarzan Goes to India." This movie was Jock Mahoney's second and final turn as the apeman. The movie was filmed near Bangkok, Thailand and in the jungle near the Chiang Mai province. Some scenes were shot in the Temple of Buddha's Footprint, the first film ever granted permission to shoot at this holy site. Crew members and cast removed their shoes and shot in almost total silence. Midway through the film, Mahoney contracted dysentery, dengue fever and finally pneumonia. His weight plummeted from 220 pounds to 175 pounds. Some critics, noting how thin and weary he appeared in some action scenes, said it undermined the film’s credibility. English Stuntman Ray Austin made the 120 ft dive for Mahoney at Begor Bridge. Forty-four years and four months old when the film was released, Jock Mahoney became the oldest actor to portray the apeman.
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Tarzan's Three Challenges, c.1963
Artist: Unknown
Type: Wall Poster
Paper Size: 11" x 17"
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