Tarzan the Fearless, c.1933 chapter 5

Tarzan the Fearless, c.1933 chapter 5 art print

"Tarzan the Fearless" is a 12 chapter movie serial (also released as an 85 minute feature which comprised the first four and last chapters of the serial version), starring Buster Crabbe in his only appearance as the Ape Man. Co-starring was actress Jacqueline Wells, who later changed her name to Julie Bishop. Edgar Rice Burroughs originally sold the rights to this film with the proviso that Tarzan be portrayed by his son-in-law, James H. Pierce, star of 1927's Tarzan and the Golden Lion. As Pierce had gained a great deal of weight since then, the Director did not wish to cast him, though he did give him a screen test, then bought-out his contract.
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Tarzan the Fearless, c.1933 chapter 5
Artist: Unknown
Type: Wall Poster
Paper Size: 11" x 17"
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