Tarzan and His Mate, c.1934 - style C

Tarzan and His Mate, c.1934 - style C art print

This was the second in the lavishly produced MGM Tarzan series to star Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan. The two cohabit in unmarried bliss before the 'Hays Code' moved them to a tree-house with twin beds. The infamous Jane-skinny-dipping scene (her clothes were snagged on a tree branch and pulled off, as Tarzan threw her playfully into the water) was initially cut by the Production Code Administration when the film was first released, but was restored in 1986 by Turner Entertainment for its video release. Maureen O'Sullivan did not play the naked Jane in the scene. Instead she was doubled by Olympic swimmer Josephine McKim, who competed in the 1928 games with Johnny Weissmuller. Like other Tarzan/Weissmuller films, the elephants were Indian and not African. Large ears and tusks were fitted onto the animals in an attempt to make them look authentic. Tarzan rides a rhinoceros in one scene - a first for film. The rhino, Mary, was imported from the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. Weismuller did the scene himself, sustaining minor scrapes to sensitive places from Mary's rough hide.
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Tarzan and His Mate, c.1934 - style C
Artist: Unknown
Type: Wall Poster
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