M. F. Weaver Wall Art

Photographer M. F. Weaver (Born in 1879) was born in western Pennsylvania. He began his photographic career at the age of 31 shortly after he got married to Judkins. This was after he had prospected for oils and minerals for many years. Weaver died on March 5, 1932 leaving behind a rich legacy comprising of several pieces of high quality art. His prospecting career took him to many places including the Orcutt/Edna oil fields close to Santa Maria, California. This career had a great influence in his art as it made him to be a very keen observer. He was also influenced by his father-in-law David Judkins Roby who was operating a photographic studio in Santa Maria. He loved art and after just a few years his art became much sought after by many clients. That explains why at any given moment he always had piece of work at hand.

His career as a photographer was typical of many studio photographers in the early decades of the 20th century. At the onset of the Second World War, he realized that photographing the military troops at various southwestern Army forts and bases was a lucrative business with a potential of growth. He ran one of the largest panoramic photography studios in Los Angeles. He had quite a number of prominent people as his clients. His art are currently found in many collections and in many private and public galleries around the world. They have a high price tag on them because of the attractiveness and durability.

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