Simon Parr Wall Art

Simon Parr is a graphic designer and is Head of Design at Rebellion Publishing and on the comic 2000AD. He designs, comic layouts, book covers and other print media. He works in Oxford, but lives in Alcester in Warwickshire. Apart from the comics, they also produce genre novels, mostly sci-fi and horror. They've got several imprints: Ravenstone Books, Solaris Books, and Abaddon Books. Parr worked his way up. He never went to university. He left school immediately and got a job in an accounts department. He'd wanted to be an artist, but while still in school he had been advised to think about being a designer - and they didn't really give him a lot more to go on than that. He realized that he had made a big mistake going straight into work, so he took some evening classes in Desktop Publishing and Computer Arts.

He got a job off the back of those courses, editing images and scanning for hobby magazines. He did work in different establishments, and in the process, learned the basics of software like Photoshop. He was promoted to a design job after a while, and then he got a job as a junior designer for 2000AD. Parr started out working on one monthly and one weekly magazine. After some time, the company took on graphic novels, text novels and other publishing works. Eventually he was promoted to Head of Design. He holds A levels in English Literature, Art and Design, Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing and General Studies. That last A level got him thinking about design more seriously.

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