Gustave Bienvetu Wall Art

Gustave Bienvetu (1877 - 1914) was a French painter of still life and genre painters, but was most renowned for his beautiful pictures of flowers. Bienvetu probably studied under the flower painters, Aumont and S. Petit when he was a student in Paris. From 1877 to 1906, he exhibited at the Paris Salon, particularly at Bourriche de Roses, Roses et Pavots, Au Boudoir, Buisson de Roses, Pour la fete de ce soir, En Hiver and Bouquet de Giroflees. In 1906 the artist was awarded an Honorable Mention for his work of that year. His flowers/roses are particularly evocative and well drawn. All his paintings are delicately executed with a subtle build up of glazes to give a subtle palette. Bienvetu’s paintings are easily recognizable among the works of other artists because of the unique style with which they are painted.

The works are now held in the Museum of Bourbon Lancy, and can also be found in a number of important private collections both in England and Europe. The artist was born in Paris. The titles of works he has exhibited include Winter Flowers of Nice and Vase of Roses, which are among some of his most outstanding pieces. In 1906 he obtained a special commendation, and he exhibited in Paris at the Salon until 1914 when he passed on. Gustave painted several pieces of art that can be seen in many places around the world. His art are much sought after and are highly priced by many discriminating collectors.
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Still Life With Roses
Gustave Bienvetu
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16" x 20"
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