Frederick Burton Wall Art

Frederick Burton (Born 1816) was born in Wicklow. He was a painter, the third son of Hanna Mallett and her husband Frederick Samuel Burton. His grandparents were Jane Blood and Major Edward William Burton. Burton was educated in Dublin. Later, at the age of twenty-one, he was elected an associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy and an academician two years later. In his youth Burton had strong compassion with the Young Ireland Party. At the age of 26, Burton began to exhibit at the Royal Academy. In 1842 he visited Germany and Bavaria, and this became the first of a long series of travels to various parts of Europe. These trips gave him an insightful knowledge of the works of the Old Masters.

From 1851 to 1858 he worked as a painter in the service of Bavaria’s Maximilian II. He was also on the council of the Archaeological Society of Ireland and the Royal Irish Academy, and worked with Petrie George on archaeological sketches. In 1855, Burton was elected an associate of the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolors, and became a full member in 1856. He resigned after 14 years, and in 1886 he was reelected as an honorary member. In 1884 a knighthood was conferred on him, and in 1889 the degree of LL.D. of Dublin was awarded to him. At the age of 58, he was appointed director of the National Gallery, London, and succeeded Sir William Boxall. His art continues to cause a lot of excitement among art students and art teachers. They are found in many galleries around the world.

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