Edward Steichen Art Prints

Through his exceptional photography and subsequent work as a curator, Edward Steichen was instrumental in establishing photography as an art form. Steichen was born in Luxembourg and immigrated with his family to the United States in 1881. At fifteen, he was apprenticed to a lithographer for four years. He then studied art at the Milwaukee Art Students League in Wisconsin (1894-98). Although Steichen began photographing in 1895, he worked primarily as a painter for the next 20 years. With prominent photographer Alfred Stieglitz, Steichen co-founded the Photo-Secession group, which promoted photography as a fine art and sponsored a celebrated gallery named "291." After serving in World War I, Steichen gave up painting for photography. He worked as a commercial photographer until 1938, producing highly regarded fashion and celebrity photographs. During World War II, Steichen was placed in charge of naval combat photography. In 1947 Steichen became director of the photography department at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. He curated many exhibits, most notably the acclaimed Family of Man exhibit. Steichen retired from the museum in 1962 and continued to take photographs. He died in Connecticut at the age of 93.

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