The Macneil Studio Wall Art

Richard Macneil (Born 1958) is a British artist who was born in Worchester. He’s well known for his contribution in the creative art industry. Macneil began his career as a worker at Worcester Royal Porcelain before diversifying his art to gain a wider audience. In pursuit of experience and a well paying job, Macneil started making ceramics, graphic designs and sculptures in United Kingdom before finally reaching a wider international audience. He’s self made artist with over thirty years of experience in creative writing. Macneil moved and worked in the United States where he also formed Bronn, a company that specialized in making Sculptures of American art. With the help of his partner who specialized in sculpting as he did the painting, he was able to capture a good fan base from his artwork. According to one author, seeing one of his artwork being displayed in the White House remains to be a highlight of his career and a memory he cherishes for as long as he lives.
Upon his return to the United Kingdom, Macneil briefly worked as a freelance artist, making greeting cards after which he joined an agency. It didn’t take him long to go solo again. In 2009, he formed the Macneil Studio. This turned out to be a great idea for a family business as he was joined by Judi, his beloved wife and their two sons Kyle and Daniel. Like his father, Kyle is also a good artist and actually assists him a lot in the design studio. Macneil Studio specializes in licensing his artwork.

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