Cirque du Soleil Art Prints

The world’s most extreme and most popular theatrical production comes to life in Cirque du Soleil Art. These prints allow for a journey to the past through the retired and active productions. All of which embody the magical nature and distinct themes that define every show. This art depicts the bold acts and sensory overload that is associated with Cirque du Soleil all in a one poster.

The pictures take you on a trip through time discovering the infinite possibilities of how far the human body and mind stretch. Upon looking at the Cirque du Soleil Wall Art there is an instant spark in your mind that imagines the show regardless of whether you have ever attended one live.
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Cirque du Soleil Art

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Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba, c.1998 (les cons)
Wall Poster
11" x 17"
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Cirque du Soleil’s magnificent shows dating all the way back to 1984 all continue to leave spectators in astonishment. The fairytale that defines Cirque du Soleil shows is one that has surpassed all other theatre productions and leaves entire countries speechless in a matter of hours or even minutes.

The Cirque du Soleil Art Pieces help exhibit the dreamlike shows and their one of a kind take on theatre. Cirque du Soleil provides the audience with the extreme stunts associated with a circus and the tranquil story telling of a ballet. Cirque de Soleil is a contemporary phenomenon that has enchanted audiences for over 30 years.
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