Bugs Bunny Art

It is no secret that Bugs Bunny is an iconic cartoon character. It’s hard to believe that there’s anyone in the world these days, who hasn’t heard of this “wild hare”. The character made his visual debut back in 1940 – 74 years ago – and quickly became a recognizable and quite popular figure in the pop culture. The voice of the “Man of Thousand Voices” Mel Blanc, who has been voicing Bugs Bunny for many years in a row, has cemented the character legacy and it marches on up to this day.

Later, in the 90’s, a feature film starring Michael Jordan – a basketball superstar at the time, an all-time great – and Bugs has brought the character to the wide screen and made him a worldwide big movie superstar, although he was always a small cartoon character. Bugs Bunny posters are clearly more, than just cartoon character-based art – it’s a legacy of an era.

Bugs Bunny Artwork

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Bugs Bunny in Concert
Fine-Art Print
11" x 17"
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The first thing that comes to mind, when considering adding Bugs Bunny posters and wall art to your home is that it’s meant for kids. But, let’s be honest, even if you’re age 30 or 40, you still can’t resist stopping at your TV and watching an episode with good old Bugs. You shouldn’t be a hardcore Looney Tunes fan to be a Bugs Bunny fan. Of course, if your kids like the character, you should give the privilege of placing a Bugs Bunny wall art piece or poster onto their wall. But, doesn’t necessarily has to be so.
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