Persistence of Memory

“Persistence of Memory” is a famous painting by the artist Salvador Dali. Created in 1931, this fine art piece is an excellent example of surrealist art from that time period, and is sought after by both collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Persistence of Memory art pieces are well suited for both modern and traditional settings, and because of the colors used in the painting they can be paired with many different color schemes. The bold, solid coloring of this piece would match up well with darker browns and oranges, and would contrast nicely with brighter and more energetic yellows and blues as well.
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Persistence of Memory Art

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The Persistence of Memory, c.1931
Salvador Dali
Fine-Art Print
27" x 22"
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This piece is meant to depict the elusive and counterintuitive nature of time and space, and followed Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. The melting or “soft” clocks seem to represent the flimsy and changeable nature of time and how we measure it, and represents the collapse of the current understanding of time at that point in history. Science enthusiasts would also enjoy this piece, and it could be used as part of a larger scientific theme.

There are many other potential thematic uses for Persistence of Memory prints. They can be used as an addition the ever popular clock-themed decor, and will also match up nicely with other surrealist works from that period. This work of fine art is also often used along with other famous art pieces as part of a collection displaying many of the world’s most popular paintings.
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