Meg Ryan Posters

Actress artwork from this category contains movie posters from many of Meg Ryan’s most popular films. These posters depict the film covers intended to serve as advertisements for the movies they correspond to.

Meg Ryan is an American actress who gained widespread recognition as a result of her role in the hit movie “When Harry Met Sally” in 1989, and starred or co-starred in a variety of films throughout the 1990s. This was her most productive and most popular period as an actress, but she continues to appear in films even today.
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Meg Ryan Art

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When a Man Loves a Woman - on a bench
Wall Poster
11" x 17"
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These pieces are typical of movie art from the 1990s, using colorful backgrounds and emotional styling to convey the appeal and mood of the film they portray. They often utilize the same print style and color as other advertisements for the same film, helping to create recognition among consumers. Another common feature of this style of film art is the use of phrases that attempt to capture the essence and character of the film and add to the overall appeal of the product. An excellent example of this technique is the phrase “Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?” that appears on the actress poster for “When Harry Met Sally”.

People often purchase these actress art prints to express their adoration for this talented actress or one of the movies she appeared in, but they can also be used as part of a larger theme. Film buffs can use these motion picture art pieces to decorate with a 90s film theme, and some of them can also be included as part of a decorative scheme depicting love or romance due to their status as popular love stories.
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