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Movies are not just for the sole purpose to entertain you and make you relax. Some movies were made to make your brain work to solve a problem that the characters at the same time are working their way through. Exciting and thrilling as it may sound, these are what mystery movies do. You might have been drawn to a mystery movie because of how intricate the plot is and how it twists at the end. The mystery begins with the movie poster where you have no idea how it is all going to end. Mystery movie posters usually feature the characters from the movie displaying their facial expressions that illicit curiosity and could make you ask the question, “Why?”
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Mystery Movie Art

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The Maltese Falcon Humphrey Bogart
Fine-Art Print
17" x 11"
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They may also give you that feeling of being in the dark as the color schemes of these posters are usually dark, just like the same feeling you get while you watch the movie and try to solve the mystery in your head, wondering who killed who. However, some of the framed mystery posters featuring old mystery movies include attractive colors that would catch your attention, since movie posters during the olden days were usually designed with paint.

The style, design and colors depend on your personal preference and taste. The key in picking the right mystery movie poster for your space is to consider the current design of your room. These mystery movie posters would find its comfortable spot on a light-colored wall in a room dominated by neutral colors.
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