Bambi Art

Bambi art is a popular form of art for very young children and is often used to decorate nurseries and toddler's rooms. These works have a surprising amount of range in their execution. Although not as popular as many of the other animated films created by Walt Disney, this story of a young deer finding its way in the world is an emotive work of animated brilliance.

The children's illustrations that are used to decorate nurseries and the rooms of young children are generally cels that are created directly from the animated classic rather than individual illustrations. The animated style of Walt Disney's classic movie, Bambi, was meant to appeal to younger audiences and these brightly colored illustrations exude an innocent and whimsical atmosphere in their execution.

Bambi Artwork

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Bambi Movie
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11" x 17"
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Many of the animation paintings that are available for older audiences are vintage movie posters. These vintage illustrations are ideal for movie and art enthusiasts alike and have a more mature feel to them then Disney's animated pictures. Among collectors, these vintage posters are a valuable piece of animation history, since it was one of the first films that Walt Disney ever developed.

The tale of Bambi, his family, and his friends are ideal for young children, however many older audiences have been rediscovering the charm of this animated film in modern re-inventions of traditional animation cels, which have been created by modern artists. However, unlike many other of Disney's animated films, these works are generally meant only for children.
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