Georgia O'Keeffe New York Art

Georgia O'Keeffe New York Collection (1918-1928)

   Shortly after O'Keeffe's arrival in New York City, she began working mostly with oil paint. Some of her most remarkable artworks were created in this medium between 1918 and 1923. It was during the 1920's that she became known for her more recognizable artworks, that she is known for today, rather than her abstractions. It is her flower prints that are known by everyone to be O'Keeffe's work. The large scale close up images of flowers and trees are somewhat reminiscent of Modernist photography. It was surely her relationship with Alfred Stieglitz that influenced her interest in this school of art to some degree.

   Many of Georgia's most well known art prints are from this era. Prints such as Oriental Poppy, 1928; Purple Petunias, 1925 and Red Cannas. These prints are iconic of Georgia O'Keeffe's place and impact on the art world.

Georgia O'Keeffe New York Art

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Pansy, 1926
Georgia O'Keeffe
Fine-Art Print
18" x 36"
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Black and Purple Petunias
Georgia O'Keeffe
Fine-Art Print
30" x 27"
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Georgia O'Keeffe New York Art
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Georgia O'Keeffe New York 1918-1929
Georgia O'Keeffe Red Poppy
Georgia O'Keeffe Purple Petunias
Georgia O'Keeffe Red Cannas
Georgia O'Keeffe Cannas
Georgia O'Keeffe Green Oak Leaves
Georgia O'Keeffe Ends of Barns
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Georgia O'Keeffe Petunias
Georgia O'Keeffe Poppy
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Georgia OKeeffe New York Art
Georgia OKeeffe New York Prints
Georgia OKeeffe New York Artwork
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Georgia OKeeffe New York Decor
Georgia OKeeffe New York Period
Georgia OKeeffe New York Collection
Georgia OKeeffe New York 1918-1929
Georgia OKeeffe Red Poppy
Georgia OKeeffe Purple Petunias
Georgia OKeeffe Red Cannas
Georgia OKeeffe Cannas
Georgia OKeeffe Green Oak Leaves
Georgia OKeeffe Ends of Barns
Georgia OKeeffe Poppies
Georgia OKeeffe Petunias
Georgia OKeeffe Poppy
Georgia OKeeffe Grey Line
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Georgia OKeffe New York Collection
Georgia OKeffe New York 1918-1929
Georgia OKeffe Red Poppy
Georgia OKeffe Purple Petunias
Georgia OKeffe Red Cannas
Georgia OKeffe Cannas
Georgia OKeffe Green Oak Leaves
Georgia OKeffe Ends of Barns
Georgia OKeffe Poppies
Georgia OKeffe Petunias
Georgia OKeffe Poppy
Georgia OKeffe Grey Line
Georgia OKeefe New York Art
Georgia OKeefe New York Prints
Georgia OKeefe New York Artwork
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Georgia OKeefe New York Decor
Georgia OKeefe New York Period
Georgia OKeefe New York Collection
Georgia OKeefe New York 1918-1929
Georgia OKeefe Red Poppy
Georgia OKeefe Purple Petunias
Georgia OKeefe Red Cannas
Georgia OKeefe Cannas
Georgia OKeefe Green Oak Leaves
Georgia OKeefe Ends of Barns
Georgia OKeefe Poppies
Georgia OKeefe Petunias
Georgia OKeefe Poppy
Georgia OKeefe Grey Line
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