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Okeeffe Florals Collection

Georgia O'Keeffe Florals

It is well known that Georgia O'Keeffe was an avid painter of oversized floral prints. O'Keeffe's florals are, after all, her most well known work. However, what some do not know is that she was somewhat of a pioneer of her time. She was the first to paint oversized close up images of flowers with such detail. click to read more...

Okeeffe Livingroom Collection

Georgia O'Keeffe Decor - For the Living room

Decorating a Living room can be a challenge but with out help you can brighten up this space in not time. Whether you are looking for a brightly colored focal point or a collection of soothing pieces to make your living room feel comfy and cozy, we have a specially selected click to read more...

Modern Works Inspired by Okeeffe

Modern Works Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe was one of the most innovative artists of her time, and because of that, so many aspiring artists draw inspiration from her artwork. The art prints in this category have been hand picked from our extensive library of art prints to match the style and grace of click to read more...

Okeeffe New Mexico Collection

Georgia O'Keeffe New Mexico Collection (1928-1984)

In 1929, Georgia bought a car and learned to drive so she could explore the desert on her own. She primarily stayed in and around Taos, painting various architectural, tree and landscape forms that she was so interested in. by the early 1930's she had ventured south click to read more...

Okeeffe New York Collection

Georgia O'Keeffe New York Collection (1918-1928)

Shortly after O'Keeffe's arrival in New York City, she began working mostly with oil paint. Some of her most remarkable artworks were created in this medium between 1918 and 1923. It was during the 1920's that she became known for her more recognizable artworks, click to read more...
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